Daniel and Nathan met in the sleepy little gambling haven Reno, Nevada, where they shifted through the bars and the record racks and joked about one day making movies. Fast forward 10 years to the creation of KR7 Productions.




Daniel Menahem


Daniel is an Israeli national who was born in Brussels before coming to the United States at the worst possible time, to start junior high. Although Dan would live in cultural centers like Japan, France and Washington DC, it would be his time in the biggest little city, Reno, Nevada where he would learn the ways of the world and eventually earn a degree in Finance. Dan's initial career moves could not have been further from the world of filmmaking, working to bring power to the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe even though this was a technology they were already equipped with.

The lure of the entertainment industry and his passion for games of chance were too great, leading him to the world of independent film production. He currently resides in Chicago.



Nathan Cole

Creative Director

Nathan has written several screenplays but The Waterhole, a semi-autobiographic story of unhealthy relationships and budding alcoholism, had always been a passion project since arriving in Los Angeles.

He was determined to get the movie made and on his own terms. With the creation of KR7 Productions, that dream was realized.

Of course, bills had to be paid. Nathan worked for the Motion Picture Association of America in several capacities, from helping to develop relationships between the studios and international filmmakers and governments, to fighting pirates. Boring you say? At times, but a valuable learning experience capped off by the privilege of getting to work with Hollywood legend Jack Valenti.

Currently, Nathan has several of his own scripts in development for KR7 Productions.